I am a hobby breeder of pet hens. I have pekins, bantam silkies and bantam wyandottes as these make great back garden hens. I also keep black copper marans and gold campines. I am based near Truro in Cornwall.

I breed from the best quality chooks I can find. Although I do not show my birds, I will buy show quality birds or hatching eggs from them to add to my groups.

My hens are fed on good quality breeder’s pellets to ensure all chicks will be healthy. They live outdoors all year so they can feel the sun on their backs (and in the silkies’ case the rain too because they like a shower!) so I have chosen hardy and healthy breeds.

I am breeding a couple of unique colours in pekins, and am aiming to reduce the size of my bantam chocolate breeding group. Although ‘miniature’ silkies are not recognised, that is what I am aiming for and already have several very small hens in the breeding group. This line of silkies has also been remarkably trouble-free.

Any hens I have for sale are those surplus to requirements from my breeding (and they help buy feed for the rest!). Fertile eggs are available if the chooks are laying and have been put into breeding pens. Otherwise my girls and boys often live in separate gangs so that the girls can have a break!

To the right hand side of most pages on this website is a hatching calendar. Any scheduled hatches will show up here so you can reserve any chicks if they are coming up – although of course I can’t always guarantee what will hatch!

DEFRA registered.