Buying hens

Pet Hens

If you are interested in any of my available chicks or hens then thank you! Just drop me a message or contact me via Facebook and we can take it from there. Visits by appointment only.

Things to know:

    • I will hatch to order if possible. If you would like me to do so and the hens are laying, I may ask for a small deposit to pair together the appropriate birds and incubate their eggs. Please be aware this can take some time (6-7 weeks until hatch day) especially if the birds are not already together – I do not have enough pens for all my colours and breeds so the girls and boys live separately in gangs while they are not breeding. This gives the hens a chance of a rest! The deposit is refundable only if I cannot obtain eggs or hatch the chicks you have asked for.


    • I can reserve hens for you. I ask a small non-refundable deposit to hold them for you. The ultimate price will depend on how old they are when they are collected, regardless of the age they were reserved at.


    • Hens can be couriered. Either arrange your own courier or I can do it for you. Prices are around £75 but can vary. I am based near Truro in Cornwall.


    • Hens are wormed and treated with Ivermectin spot-on regularly through the year, but they are not vaccinated as I just don’t hatch the numbers to make it viable.


    • I do not sell breeding pairs etc as they would be related (unless I am selling one of my breeding groups). You will need to source an unrelated cockerel to make a healthy breeding group. However if you buy hens and cockerels of different colours then they are not related.


    • If you buy chicks and cannot keep the cockerels then I might be able to take them back for possible rehoming. But I’m sorry I cannot offer a refund for those bought as unsexed chicks.