Gold campines

Pet Hens

Gold campines are quite rare in the UK. They are lovely, clever, inquisitive birds who are good layers of decent sized white eggs, even though they are not quite full sized chickens.

They originate from Belgium but have been in the UK for over 100 years. The cockerels are known as ‘hen feathered’ which means they have the same patterning as the hens with much less hackle feathering than other breeds, but they do have an elegant tail.

Campines like to free range and roost in trees, so it is worth perhaps trimming flight feathers or having them in a large, netted enclosure where they have plenty to do. When I raise chicks they are always the first to fly out of the chick pen and greet me for breakfast!

I have found the eggs to be very fertile and always get super hatches from them, usually 100%.