Hens for sale

Pet Hens

List updated May 2020. Sorry no visiting allowed at present but chicks can be viewed via photos on request, payment by BACS or Paypal and collected by the gate.

Please see the Buying hens page for more information on buying, reserving and hatching to order. 


Outside (pullets unless stated) £16/18:

  • blue very dark x1
  • lavender x2
  • black (ish, possibly gold markings to come) x1 
  • furness x1
  • silver partridge x4 (one dark)
  • chocolate gold laced hen 2018
  • lemon cuckoo hen 2019

Indoors off heat £12:

  • blue x5
  • black x3
  • chocolate laced x2
  • buff millefleurs x9
  • blue mottled frizzled x2
  • lavender x1
  • lavender cuckoo x1
  • silver partridge x4
  • black/silver birchen x2

Indoors under heat (unsexed) £5/7.50: 

  • Columbian
  • Blue mottled frizzled x2

Bantam silkies*

Outside £12(unsexed)/20/25:

  • bantam blue 
  • bantam/mini gold satin x3
  • mini chocolate
  • mini chocolate hen 2019 x1
  • mini black
  • USA type black/gold neck x1
  • mini cuckoo
  • mini dun/gold x2
  • red
  • USA type blue/cream x1
  • USA type gold partridge x2 

Indoors off heat (unsexed) £10: 

Indoors under heat (unsexed) £5/7.50:

  • chocolate/patterns
  • cuckoo x2

Bantam wyandottes*

  • Silver/blue pencilled – chicks unsexed hatched 25th April 1 left £7.50
  • Pair pyle hatched beg Feb £35


Outside £30/£45



Outside £25/35:


Indoors off heat £18:


Indoors under heat £10/15:


Gold campine:

  • 2 pullets hatched 1st April outside £25

*Silkies are very hard to sex at an early age. Sometimes it is possible to identify cockerels by their behaviour but it is hard to tell otherwise. Silkies at £20 or £25 are guaranteed hens and will usually be several months old. Silkies at £12 or less are not guaranteed hens and if they do grow up to be cockerels there is no exchange for a hen (when available). But I can take back cockerels for possible rehoming if you do not want them.

Deathlayers and wyandottes are also impossible to sex for several weeks. The difference cannot be seen until their combs start changing.

Please note I do not normally sell pairs/trios/breeding groups as they would be related, unless they are different colours. You will need to find an unrelated cockerel for a healthy breeding group.