Pet Hens

Pekins make super pets. Small, inquisitive, friendly and very fluffy. Pekins even have fluffy feet. 

Their fluffy feet mean they don’t scratch much and shouldn’t destroy your garden (apart from nibbling!) however they will dig a hole for a dust bath unless you provide one!

They come in a wide range of colours and new colours are being bred each year. 

I will also have some more unusual colours available, plus pretty chicks which are the result of crossing other colours. 


Silver partridge – unrelated well-marked group of five. Possibly my favourite colour!

Blue mottled – a splash mottled frizzled cockerel over black mottled hens = 100% blue mottled. I also have a pretty blue mottled hen so 50% of her chicks can be splash mottled. 50% chance of frizzle on all chicks. Chance of gold leakage (which looks very pretty especially on the splash frizzled).

Khaki – a very rare colour, pale gold or champagne, khaki is to dun what splash is to blue. I have a lovely khaki cockerel over khaki, caramel (extremely rare) and dun hens. Chicks can hatch in any of the three colours, khaki looks almost white to begin with but they become more gold/dun with each moult. 

Chocolate silver laced – rare, a new introduction developed only a couple of years ago. Three hens and a cockerel very well marked.

Palomino – a brand new colour, unique to me. White with gold breast, neck, head and on the wings, some gold lacing. Still a project colour and not throwing 100% as parents.  

Buff mottled – lovely Dutch-bred cockerel, over two unrelated buff mottled hens.

Furness – seven hens alternating with never more than three in the pen at a time so the poor boy doesn’t get tired! 

Gold laced – unrelated gold laced cockerel and hen, the hen is from the Netherlands. Not available until 2021.

Columbian – unrelated well-marked trio. 

Porcelain – unrelated well-marked pair, lovely Dutch-bred cockerel over well-marked hen. Super quality. Limited quantities.

Silver wheaten – also known as salmon – lovely pair, hen is from the Netherlands.

Millefleurs – for 2021, will initially have only blue millefleurs as new cockerel is too young. 

Gold partridge – two super hens with an unrelated cockerel.