Bantam silkies

Pet Hens

Silkies are cute and fluffy, with a fluffy crest to a fully rounded pom pom on their heads. They can be bearded or non-bearded. 

They make great pets and are comical to watch. They don’t eat much and are easy to keep, much hardier than their fluffy appearance may suggest. 


Bantam blue – bearded, this quartet is from very good stock. They throw blue and splash chicks, never black. They are a middling to large bantam size.

Bantam gold – bearded, pale gold, small bantam. A quartet currently with a 50% satin cockerel so chicks have a 50% chance of being satin. One hen is frizzled so the chicks have a chance of this too. The frizzled satins are particularly cute! A normal silkie boy is waiting in the wings for later in the year. This group can throw pale gold and gold partridge.

Bantam chocolate – mixed chocolate patterns:
Cockerels are chocolate paint and a chocolate silver partridge. A separate group consists of a cuckoo cockerel and chocolate hens.
Hens include four chocolate (three bearded, one with a base of gold), chocolate silver partridge, dun barred silver partridge (tawny coloured), dun (fudge coloured).
Chicks can be a variety of colours from dark chocolate bearded to chocolate with silver patterns, gold patterns, even the odd khaki (champagne), gold, cuckoo and chocolate paint. Recently I’ve hatched a rather nice dun/gold colour and black too.
This group is bred for size, I keep back the smallest ones each year.