Pet Hens

Sulmtalers are an Austrian breed, a dual purpose breed used for eggs and meat. They are very hardy, good foragers (mine like to sort through and break down the compost heaps for me!) and available in bantam and large fowl. They are also often listed as one of the world’s most beautiful chicken breeds! They are average layers, laying creamy beige eggs.

Their temperament can be a bit flightly, but they can also be tamed – as fairly greedy birds they’ll do anything for a treat! They can fly, surprising for a large chicken, but simply trimming the flight feathers is more than enough to prevent this, although they don’t seem interested in making a getaway or roosting in trees. Mine like to roost on a wide shelf in the coop rather than perch.

They are rare in the UK although popular in Austria. The usual colour is gold wheaten, the only standard colour in the UK. Austria standardised blue wheaten and silver wheaten in 2013.

Although not necessarily pet hen material, they are lovely to have if you have room for them to roam and forage.

I have a quartet of blue wheaten large fowl sulmtalers, a very rare colour for the UK but rather beautiful.

Hatching eggs £14 for 6 or £12 posted (plus postage).

Chicks are not often available but can be hatched to order.