Bantam wyandottes

Pet Hens

This is a new breed to me in 2020 and after breeding a few I have decided to keep pyle (white/gold) and blue laced for 2021, although they may be laying by this autumn.

Please note the blue laced are blue x blue and will therefore hatch (approximately, not always) 50% blue, 25% gold laced and 25% splash laced.

The bantam wyandotte so far is proving to be a calm hen. They seem to observe a situation and think about whether they need to react or not, unlike the drama queen mini silkies or the twitchy deathlayers! So far they have been relatively quiet, including the boy, but they could just be settling in. Non-aggressive to other breeds, the wyandotte boys are bottom of the cockerel heap.

A hardy chicken, developed in the US, which is known for laying throughout the winter, wyandottes make great pets but may scratch around a little more than pekins or silkies do. They have fairly long, featherless yellow legs and rotund bodies.