Please send me a message below AFTER READING THE FAQs which I hope will answer the most common questions! Thank you!


Do you have any silkie hens?

Only if they are listed on the hens for sale page.

Do you have any bantams for sale?

‘Bantam’ is the size of chicken, rather than a breed. My silkies and wyandottes are bantams, and pekins are true bantams with no large fowl equivalent. Please let me know what breed you are looking for (and if they’re available they will be on the hens for sale page.)

Do you have any leghorns/warrens/etc for sale?

I do not keep any breeds other than those listed on the website.

Thank you for reading. I’m really sorry but if you have asked one of these questions I may not be able to reply to your email as I am getting a lot of enquiries now!

Please note the only chooks I have available right now are those listed on the hens for sale page.